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Star Group International is looking for worthy projects beneficial to communities as well as to those qualified to carry out those projects.  Most visionaries and entrepreneurs are good at defining their vision; however, they need help to bring a project to reality.  This is accomplished through the development of a viable Business Plan and adequate financial resources.  

SGI offers many levels of management services for both new and existing companies.  

A potential client must: 

  • Have an idea or project worthy of implementation.
  • Have a passion for the project and willingness to see the project through.
  • Be willing to allow SGI to take a responsible role in helping to develop the project.


What is the procedure for submitting my project for consideration by SGI?

Step 1:  Read the information provided on our website.

Step 2:  Organize your ideas about what you want to accomplish.

Step 3:  Submit your contact information to us, including information about your proposed or existing project and questions.  Please note that information submitted will be held in the strictest of confidences.  Go to Contact Us.

Step 4:  An SGI Project Development Specialist (PDS) will review all submissions and respond accordingly.  The PDS will remain your direct contact and keep you informed of the next steps throughout the process.  Our somewhat restricted approach to establishing a future relationship is necessary due to the nature of our services; we could be flooded with possible frivolous requests if we did otherwise.


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